Its Handled: Olivia Pope meets Anne Waiguru

PS if you have no idea who Olivia Pope is don’t worry just think of her as a vessel.

Ann Waiguru is seated in Olivia Pope’s office. Her eyes are
wandering across the room. Olivia walks in sits down and
looks at her with stern eyes.

What do you want?

popeExcuse me?

Its a question I ask all my clients
or people am negotiating with. I
already know the answer but I like
to hear them say it. What do you

I want to keep my job

Thats not possible. Make another

I want to keep my job.

(In sharp tone)
What is wrong with you? There is no
way you are going to keep your job.
There is no scenario available in
which that is possible. Your little
rugby tweet made sure of that. You
will resign or you will be fired
its inevitable. Half of the country
thinks you are the Presidents
mistress the other does not know
what to think. The president’s
opponents are using you to hit at
him everyday and hurt his chances
of re-election. The only reason he
has not fired you is because he
does not want to be seen to be
taking orders from the opposition .
He already set a precedent by
suspending other ministers so you
need to accept the fact that you
will soon be jobless.

Its not fair I am good at my job.

(A look of dismay)
No you are not. How could you be?
You are smarter than this Ann.
Condom Dispensers! A Piano! You
cannot be good at your job and have
these things happen to you. It does
not matter whether procurement is
not your must know when
these things happen. You must know
because you are a leader because
you are the boss…because its your
ass on the line; because its your
ministry and your people. You take
responsibility. That’s what leaders have been taking the
credit. You do not serve at Huduma
Centres but you take the credit and
the awards…you did not dig a
ditch in Kibera but you took the
credit so do not sit here and tell
me you are good at your job. One
last time: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Olivia moves closer and looks her in the eyes.

What do you want?

Fine I will tell you what you want.
You want to be special you want to
be different. You are enjoying the
attention. You want to see if the
president will defend you or if he
will let you go. You are testing
him, testing your relationship. I
have news for you. You do not have
a relationship and no one is going
to stick by you. He is a president
and a politician. He comes first.
He has a job to do and a country to
run-you need to take

Here is a letter of resignation.

Olivia hands her an envelop

Take it home with you, read it.
Sign it and end this. Don’t make
this thing longer than it needs to
be. Remember you cannot keep your
job. The people won’t let you keep
your job not for 87,000 bob biros
and condom dispensers.

A shell shocked Waiguru takes the envelops and leaves.

Oh and Ann.

Waiguru turns around

Stop poking the bear. No more
tweets. I don’t care if Harambee
Stars win the world cup.

Waiguru leaves. Olivia takes out her cell phone and puts it
to her ear.

Its handled.


151 thoughts on “Its Handled: Olivia Pope meets Anne Waiguru

  1. Brilliant idea lad

    For a minute that part👆


    Oh and Ann….
    ‘It’s advisable you stay away from him, He’s all mine now.. With me, he stands a chance to be re- Elected. *Grabs wine glass*…’


  2. wooow that is a really good piece….it was like the series playing in my head and her eyes glaring at you when she is all serious hehe imagining it was just mind blowing….someone should actually send it to waiguru and kerry washington as well hehe….waiguru busted and you are handled no more messing up hehehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I read it once , I read twice. Agreed it’s funny ok ok. I will give you this much, riveting. This could pass as a trailer of the circus that is just about to unfold in the coming weeks.


  4. This is an exceptional master piece, I love your article, I bet she called Cyrus Just to inform him the president will not have to make the hard decision himself.. big up.


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